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Discontinued SteelSeries Favorites and Their Upgrades

Here we reminisce about our favorite SteelSeries gaming gear that has been discontinued and present the new & improved upgraded products that replace them.

The Fallen SteelSeries Titans – The Legends Live On

If you’re looking for SteelSeries products of the past that have now been discontinued, don’t panic! When we design new products, we always make sure we take the best parts of our legacy products and improve on them with new and upgraded specifications. Here we remember some of our most loved legacy products including discontinued headsets, keyboards, mice, mousepads and controllers, that have now retired to make way for new and improved versions.

Discontinued SteelSeries Headsets

Check the Siberia Flux blog post if you’re looking for SteelSeries gaming headsets we’ve loved and lost, including the SteelSeries Siberia v2, Siberia v2, Siberia v3, SteelSeries H, the Flux, the SteelSeries 3hv2 headsets, and find out what products replace them.

Discontinued SteelSeries Keyboards

Explore discontinued keyboards blog post if you were searching for old SteelSeries keyboards, including the Merc Stealth, the SteelSeries 7G, the SteelSeries Zboard, and the Shift. You can also find out what keyboards of present superseded all of the old favorites.

Discontinued SteelSeries Mice

Source: Obsolete Gamer

Searching for discontinued SteelSeries Mice?

Find out in the discontinued mice blog post, which old favorites have been put into retirement and what current products we recommend instead. Find out about the SteelSeries WOW Legendary MMO, the Xai High Performance Laser mouse, the SteelSeries Kana v2 Optical gaming mouse, the Kinzu v1, the Kinzu v2 Pro Edition Optical mouse, the Kinzu v3, the SteelSeries Diablo III, and the SteelSeries Ikari High Performance Laser.

Discontinued SteelSeries Mousepads

Hankering after SteelSeries mousepads of the past? Check the discontinued mousepads blog post to find out which current products are the successors of some old favorites, including the SteelSeries 9HD mousepad and the SteelSeries 4HD.

Discontinued SteelSeries Controllers

If you were wanting to buy the SteelSeries 3GC gaming controller, check the SteelSeries 3GC gaming controller blog post to find out which of our current products serves as the new and improved version.

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