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Top TF2 Community Game Modes

Looking for a break from the typical Team Fortress 2 gameplay? Find the best community game modes here!

Community game modes encompass custom and player-created experiences that offer unique and diverse gameplay beyond the standard modes provided by the developers. These modes thrive on community-run servers, becoming an integral part of the TF2 community.

Among them figure Zombie Escape, Class Wars, Randomizer, and Medieval servers. These are some of many custom game modes that enhance TF2 with depth, variety, and many different ways to enjoy the game!


TF2 Deathrun.

The Deathrun game mode in Team Fortress 2 is a popular community-run game mode where players take on the roles of either Runners or the “Activator”. The objective for Runners is to navigate through custom-made obstacle courses filled with deadly traps set by the activator, aiming to reach the finish line alive. On the other hand, Activators control the traps strategically to eliminate Runners and prevent them from completing the course.

This community server offers high replayability due to the variety of custom maps available and fosters a friendly community where players share tips and have fun together. With its blend of platforming, strategy, and teamwork, Deathrun provides an exciting change of pace.

TF2 x10

TF2 x10 mode

x10 in Team Fortress 2 is a community-run server that offers an unconventional gameplay experience by multiplying various stats and attributes by ten for all players! This results in exaggerated and chaotic battles where players deal ten times more damage, have ten times the health, and perform actions at an accelerated pace.

The server allows for unconventional loadouts, enabling players to equip multiple weapons from different classes, leading to hilarious and unique gameplay moments. While the x10 server is not meant for balanced or competitive play, it creates a fun and social atmosphere, encouraging creativity and collaboration within the TF2 community. Overall, the x10 server provides a refreshing and entertaining change of pace for players seeking comical and fast-paced action.


TF2 Randomizer.

Randomizer community servers offer an unpredictable and humorous gameplay experience! Players are randomly assigned classes and loadouts each time they respawn, resulting in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. The server introduces unique weapon attributes not found in the standard game, adding an element of surprise and creativity to battles. Some crazy alterations players may encounter are the soldier's rocket launcher with +400 Bonus Damage and +200 explosion radius!

Randomizer fosters a casual and social atmosphere, encouraging players to enjoy the entertaining and chaotic situations that arise during gameplay. Featuring custom maps that complement the randomness, the Randomizer server provides a fun and refreshing break from the traditional TF2 experience.

Zombie Escape

Zombie escape TF2 mode.

It’s a zombieland! Players embark on a thrilling journey as the last known survivors. They must cooperate to reach escape points on the map while surviving waves of player controlled Zombies. Players can choose from various TF2 classes with unique abilities and weapons to overcome challenges and defeat the Zombies. The game mode features boss Zombies for an additional level of difficulty and is played in rounds, ending when either all Humans turn into Zombies or when the Human team successfully reaches the end of the map.

Just like humans having unique abilities, enemy zombie players also have a variety of unique abilities to quickly catch or kill the enemy humans!

Class Wars

Class Wars TF2

It’s Medics VS Soldiers! Engineers VS Snipers! Spies VS Scouts! Class Wars servers separate players into two teams, each composed entirely of a single class. This setup creates dynamic and chaotic gameplay, as teams must exploit their class strengths to dominate the opposing team. Custom loadouts specific to each class add to the diversity of the matches, and players engage in fast-paced battles with unique abilities and playstyles.

At times some matches may end in a landslide but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of it! Class Wars test players' skill and adaptability, providing an exciting experience for TF2 enthusiasts seeking a fresh twist on the classic gameplay.

Medieval Mode

TF2 best servers.

“Abaft, flailing knouts!”. Medieval mode transports players back to the times of the good ‘ol crossbows and sharp sticks; restricting players' modern weapons and equipment, and allowing only medieval-themed weapons like swords and crossbows. Players can choose from limited classes fitting the theme, such as Soldier, Demoman, Pyro (with the Fire Axe), and Medic (with the Crusader's Crossbow). Combat revolves around melee and projectile-based engagements, emphasizing swordplay, archery, and timing.

Health regeneration and Medic support are available, while objective-based gameplay and custom castle-themed maps add depth and immersion.

Team Fortress 2 boasts a rich selection of game modes catering to diverse player preferences and styles. From the cooperative challenges of Zombie Escape to the intense class-based conflicts in Class Wars, and the chaotic fun of Randomizer servers, each mode offers a unique and thrilling experience. Whether honing rocket jumping skills on Jump mode servers or immersing in medieval warfare with Medieval mode, TF2's community-run game modes guarantee endless entertainment, camaraderie, and a fresh take on the classic gameplay. Embrace the variety and creativity within these top game modes and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Team Fortress 2.

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