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How to Setup the Alias and Alias Pro Gaming Microphones

Looking to get an Alias, or already have one? Refer to this handy guide to correctly setup your Alias and Alias Pro! It's time to create.

Whether you're a lucky owner of the new Alias or Alias Pro gaming mic, or you're looking to get one, this handy guide is for you. We'll walk you through simple steps of getting your mic ready for your audience, no matter if that's hundreds of viewers on Twitch or your three friends from Discord. It's time to sound awesome. Scroll below to find the setup for Alias Pro, or keep reading from the top to read about Alias.

How to setup Alias

Alias Gaming Microphone.

Alias is a mic connected via USB-C, so the setup is quite simple.

Mount the microphone onto the stand

Mounting alias Mic

Attach Alias to the included Shock Stand with a Thumb Screw. Position the microphone so it falls in between the holes of the Shock Stand, and then put the Thumb Screw through that hole, and twist until the mic sits firm. You can adjust its position to face you at an angle; it should be angled up toward your speaking position if it is below you.

Plug in the USB cable

USB cable gaming mic

With an included USB-A to USB-C cable, plug in the USB-C end into the back of the microphone, and the USB-A into your computer. It should recognize Alias as a device shortly.

Update firmware in SteelSeries Engine and setup Sonar

Update gaming mic firmware.

Your Alias already works, but it can be even better, especially when powered by Sonar.

First, make sure to update the firmware of the device in Engine, a branch of the SteelSeries GG software, which you use to manage all your devices.

Next, head over to the Sonar section to assign your devices and empower your audio. Refer to our Sonar for Streamers setup guide for more information.

Plug in headset and adjust mic gain

LED levels gaming mic.

If desired, you can plug in a headset with a 3.5mm cable into the back. The knob on the front adjust the gain on the headset.

The knob on the back adjusts the mic gain. Turning it to the left (when the front of the mic is facing you) increases gain. It's recommended to try out the gain levels while using the live LED monitoring levels, on the front of the mic. They show 5 levels; ideally, you want to keep your voice in the 3rd or 4th levels, so adjust the gain appropriately.

How to setup Alias Pro

Alias Pro Gaming Microphone.

The setup for this one has a major difference, but overall, it's pretty straightforward. Alias Pro is all about making you sound pro without all the hassles of a pro setup.

Plug in the XLR cable first (do not power on the Stream Mixer!)

XLR cable mic.

The important thing is to not plug in the XLR cable while the Stream Mixer is powered on. Do this before turning the Stream Mixer on, as it could damage your equipment.

Plug in the female end of the cable into the back of Alias Pro (it has no prongs, and it has a release on the top).

The other end goes into the back of the Stream Mixer.

XLR cable mic how to plug in.

Plug in the USB cables

Next, use the included USB-C cables to connect the Stream Mixer to your PC. You only need one if you're using a single PC setup, and two if you have a dual PC setup. The Stream Mixer has two slots to accommodate this.

Plug in the power source

Power on gaming mic alias.

Next, it's time to plug in the power source for the Stream Mixer and Alias Pro. Hook up plug into a socket and put the cable into the power slot in the back of the Stream Mixer. Now, you can press the Power button on the Stream Mixer (also on the back) to turn the device on.

There is also a Audio Out port on the back and a headset, as well as a headset Line In on the side, if you want to monitor your voice.

Update firmware in SteelSeries Engine and setup Sonar

Update gaming mic firmware.

Just like with Alias, you should make sure your Alias Pro has the latest firmware.

Next, head over to the Sonar section to assign your devices and empower your audio. Refer to our Sonar for Streamers setup guide for more information.

You need the GG software to customize controls on the Stream Mixer.

Adjust mic gain and other settings

Alias Pro mic settings gain.

Similarly to the Alias, you can adjust the gain of your mic, but in this case, you will use the handy Stream Mixer. The left knob is for mic gain, and you turning it to the right increases mic gain. As you test it, watch the lights change color for feedback; if it's in the red, tone down the mic gain.

Engine settings Alias Pro.

In Engine, you can adjust various settings of Alias Pro, such as the illumination colors and bindings. The right knob can be assigned to a specific fader.

Refer to our video overview for further tips:

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