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How to Heal in Battlefield 2042

Here's how you can heal up and get right back into the game in Battlefield 2042.

There's a lot going on in Battlefield 2042 at any given time. As bullets whiz by you in just about every direction, it's inevitable that you're going to catch one and go down in battle. But unlike in real life, death isn't always certain when you're tagged by a bullet. There are actually ways to get some of your health back so you can get back in the game as soon as humanly possible.

How can you do that? Not only can a fellow Specialist heal you, but there are also healing items you can use in the middle of the game to overcome being shot. It may not be immediately obvious what you need to do to shrug off the damage you'll take, however, so we're here to make sure you can stay in the game as long as your character can take it. Here's everything you need to know about healing and being healed in Battlefield 2042.

How to heal in Battlefield 2042

You'll have to have your own back (and your friend's back) in Battlefield 2042.Source: Electronic Arts

It may not be obvious when you check your inventory in the field in Battlefield 2042 that you're able to heal. You won't have a first aid kit as in previous Battlefield titles, and there won't be bandages available. In fact, you won't find any disposable items on your person for a quick boost of health. Instead, Battlefield 2042 has taken cues from games like Call of Duty and lets you heal passively when you're out of the line of fire. Find a safe place to chill out for a few moments, and you'll start seeing your health regenerate. But there's little room for error here, so make absolutely sure there's no one around you when you stop and let your health creep back up, lest you be shot and killed the next time.

How to use healing items in Battlefield 2042

A Medical Crate for use in-game to heal you and your teammates.

Now, there may not be any one-use items to heal with in Battlefield 2042, but there are gadgets you can equip instead. You can use either Med Pens or Medical Crates. You'll start the game with the ability to equip a Medical Crate, and then unlock the Med Pen at level 26.

Med Pens act as an immediate health boost to bring you back to full HP that will take the place of your gadget. Medical Crates can heal teammates around you as well. They're useful to deploy when you want to carve out a place for yourself against an enemy onslaught. Both will require planning, however, and aren't just items you can use whenever you please. They're certainly beneficial when you can, though.

How to be healed by teammates in Battlefield 2042

Falck, a medic who can use healing abilities.

There are two medics in Battlefield 2042: Angel and Falck. Falck can revive fallen teammates and restore them to full health. She can also use her Syrette Pistol to either heal teammates or heal herself, without sacrificing a gadget slot. If you've got her on your side, she can use these methods to bring you back to full health lickety split.

Angel is also incredibly useful. He can use the Loadout Crate to help players refill their current loadout or change what they have at the moment. You can use this to your advantage to access healing items, which is extremely useful if you find yourself dying in the middle of combat.

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