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Gifts for Gamers: Stocking Stuffers

In addition to great gaming headsets, keyboards, and mice, fill out the stockings with fantastic accessories to bring a smile to your favorite gamer.

Looking to tie a special bow on your gamer gift? SteelSeries offers lots of accessories to supplement your other gifts. Let's check out a few suggestions here.

PrismCaps - Pink, Black, or White

Keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

Breathe new life into a mechanical keyboard and let them make it their own. These custom mechanical keyboard switches are universal Double Shot PBT Keycaps. The PBT material is an extremely durable material that retains its consistency, texture, and appearance even after years of heavy use. A keyboard is something the gamer uses all day, so why not upgrade it and make using it even better?

This is a great opportunity to style up the keyboard, as well. Our PrismCaps feature enhanced lighting displays for brilliant, pudding-style RGB illumination, really showing off the RGB feature. The sides and letters are translucent, too. They come in three colors: Pink, Black, and White, and they include a keycap puller for easy installation. There are also two additional sets of alternate bottom-row keycaps to fit a wide range of mechanical keyboards.

When it comes to our keyboards, it fits nearly every single one of them (exceptions are Apex 3 and Apex 3 TKL). So everything from the Apex Pro, Apex Pro TKL, Apex 9 TKL, Apex Pro Mini (and their wireless versions where applicable) and more are suitable for these. These keycaps will bring a smile to the giftee.

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QcK Prism de Tecido - Médio

Gaming mousepad with RGB.

The SteelSeries gaming mousepads are nothing short of legendary. Our bestseller, the QcK, has a durable, non-slip rubber base that eliminates unwanted mouse movements. This increases comfort and accuracy while playing mouse-oriented games. The high-thread count and smooth surface optimize mouse accuracy. It's a must-have for anyone who uses a PC.

The special aspect of the Prism Cloth is the RGB around it. The mousepad lights up in dynamic 2-zone colorful backlighting to create complex effects. The colors can be fully customized, but what's more, they can be programmed with SteelSeries Engine to visualize audio, change color when Discord notifications come on, or integrate with game alerts.

It's available in many sizes, depending on the preference of the giftee. They can even cover their whole desk to spice up the ambiance of their gaming station.

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Arctis Nova Pro Booster Pack - 4 Color Options

Gaming headset customization.

One of our top headsets, the Arctis Nova Pro (and the Wireless, too) has some fantastic customization options. Both the speaker plates on the side and the ski google headband are interchangeable, and we've released some great options to personalize the headset. This could be the special touch your gift needs to make it really stand out.

These are compatible with all Arctis Nova headsets except for Nova 3, 1, 1X, and 1P. There are four options: Cherry Red, Lilac, Mint, and Rose Quartz.

Want to see what these look like? Check out our photo shoot with all the color options.

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SteelSeries is a fantastic place to shop for gifts for gamers, whether it's a gaming keyboard, headset, mouse, mousepad, or other. Stop by soon for more gifting guides on our blog, and don't forget to check out the Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers on our site in the meantime for more ideas.

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