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Flippin Misfits: An Underground Gravity Fight Club in Space

Gravity is your greatest weapon in Behaviour Interactive’s brand-new party brawler, where sci-fi and underground aesthetics collide.

Get ready to join the Flippin Misfits – a gang of fun-loving young daredevils – to slash, dash, and flip your way to bragging rights in this colorful, chaotic, gravity-swapping melee brawler from the studio behind Dead by Daylight. 

Two things that immediately make Flippin Misfits stand out in the wide world of melee brawlers are its unique gravity-swapping mechanic, and its vibrant, instantly recognizable art style and soundtrack.

Flippin Misfits turns the world of multiplayer melee brawlers on its head with a one-of-a-kind gravity-swapping system. You control gravity itself in these matches, using it to outsmart opponents as you zoom between the floor, walls, and ceiling.

Flippin Misfits.

Up to 4 players battle it out in online matches, each equipped with their own Blazarpack. This device allows you to strategically swap your gravity at will, making movement and combat possible on every surface. Combat in Flippin Misfits is truly 360°, as you and your opponents can surprise each other from anywhere. Don’t worry, though, respawns are pretty much instant so you can get right back into the fray.

The stage for this zany combat is the Arkade: a stolen spaceship the Flippin Misfits have converted into the weirdest, deadliest playground in the galaxy. Vibing with tons of graffiti, neon-pastel tones, and endless groovy beats, the arenas and characters design are a big part of the fun.

“Our goal was to completely avoid taking a drab approach to sci-fi,” Dani Diez, Flippin Misfits’ Art Director, told SteelSeries. “We wanted a colorful party game where we could show characters having fun fighting, and that started with the idea of a ‘Space Fight Club’ driven by our core gravity-swapping mechanic. With time, this evolved into the bright, galactic underground clubhouse you see in the game. Behaviour’s most successful game, Dead by Daylight, has a realistic horror aesthetic and we wanted to challenge that with a fresh direction and a light-hearted style.”

Flippin Misfits.

Diez added that it It was key to imbue the chaotic spirit of the gravity-swapping action into every visual element of the game, creating an edgy, yet endearing world players would be keen to return to.

“The fact that you can walk on and leap to literally every surface in the game created a really cool challenge for us when designing these arenas,” explained Diez. “We took our visual style and applied them to designs that have a lot of soft, round, smooth surfaces, giving the game this cool, weird look as if you’re fighting in a giant inflatable castle!”

“For the Flippin Misfits themselves, we wanted to create very undefined characters. Are they aliens? Human? Something else? Who knows! Their skin color literally changes between blue, green, yellow, and red, every match. This game is meant to be a celebration of fighting, and I actually took inspiration from music festivals where you can find a huge variety of looks, styles, and people just wearing crazy things because it’s a celebration.”

Flippin Misfits

And what better way to celebrate fighting than destroying your pals as they run upside-down across a neon ceiling?

Experience the mayhem for yourself! Flippin Misfits is available on Steam.

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