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Boosteroid Launches Exclusive Discount on SteelSeries GG

Download the SteelSeries GG app, check out the Giveaways section and get your -50% discount coupon for 1-month Boosteroid subscription.

Ever wanted to run PC games on any device? With no downloads, you can play in browser. It’s true thanks to Boosteroid.

The cloud gaming platform brings over 650 games, including many triple-A titles, straight to your device, whether it’s mobile or not. Launch games you own wherever, even if it’s a low-end device.

Boosteroid lets you play PC games on:

  • Mac
  • Android
  • ChromeOS
  • Linux
  • Smart TVs without consoles

Access your gaming catalog with unlimited gaming sessions at 1080p 60fps and more. No ads, no contracts.

Sounds amazing? Keep reading.

Boosteroid is partnering up with SteelSeries to deliver an exclusive discount — a whooping 50% off for 30 days. All you need to redeem is to get on the SteelSeries GG platform.

SteelSeries GG includes:

  • Capture glorious victories and epic fails by clipping and editing gameplay with Moments, as well as sharing it wherever you want.
  • Pinpoint your enemy's location long before you see them with the tool that’s a real breakthrough in gaming sound, Sonar, packed with tools for AI noise cancellation and audio presets for your favorite games
  • Adjust the settings of your SteelSeries devices with Engine and create dazzling RBG lighting settings for your dream setup

Try it now by downloading SteelSeries GG. Create an account or login, and then head to the Giveaways section to get your exclusive Boosteroid discount!

More about Boosteroid:

Boosteroid, the world’s largest independent cloud gaming provider with over 4.2 million users worldwide, is happy to work with SteelSeries to offer more for gamers we both love. Boosteroid helps everyone play hundreds of video games, including many of the world’s best and the most high-end AAA titles, on almost any device, platform or operating system. A PC, Mac, iPhone, Android smartphone, Chromebook, tablet or even a smart TV without a console – all these devices are now your top gaming rig with Boosteroid.

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